West Room

West Room Bed and Blanket Chest

West Room Bed and Blanket Chest

The West Room has been furnished in memory of Mr. L.M. Moye, Sr., great grandson of Mary Ann Quinn West, who came to Stewart County in the 1830’s. The room was furnished by Mr. and Mrs. L.M. Moye, Jr. and Andrew and Matthew Moye.

The handmade chest of pine and poplar, was made at Cotton Hill, Georgia, between Morris and Fort Gaines. It was purchased from the Shepherd family in Webster County.

The clock has a reverse painting, wooden works, and is weight driven. It has decorated pillars and a decorated gallery top and is mahogany veneered over pine. It was made by Ephraim Downs in Bristol, Connecticut.

The bed is handmade from this area, with spool type turnings and is made of different woods. It is a rope bed with the original pegs.

West Room Chest

West Room Chest

The spread is the Log Cabin pattern with a paisley lining. The log cabin is not associated with Lincoln, here, but with Benjamin Harrison in his presidential campaign. It was a gift from Miss Ruth McLendon, Jacksonville, Florida.

The blanket chest is a four board chest (top, bottom and two sides). It has elaborate dovetailing which extends across the entire top. It has the original blue paint and is a handmade Georgia piece.

The chair is plank bottom and is a handmade variation of the Windsor chair.

The commode is marble top empire style, mahogany over pine.

The colorful rug is this room and others that are similar, were made by Miss Altha McLendon, Jacksonville, Florida.


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