Castleberry-Dowd Room

Castleberry Dowd room photo 1Since this room is larger and roomier than the others, it was probably reserved for better paying or wealthier guests. It is furnished with better pieces and an oriental rug.

This room and the Patterson Room are unique in that they had corner fireplaces. These had been removed, but have been replaced in the restoration.

The cannonball poster bed is handmade in the Columbus area, possibly Cusseta. This handsome rope bed is stained; on top of the rope is a split white oak pad and then a feather mattress.

The lovely wool coverlet is hand woven.

The cradle is a southern handmade early one of solid board pine. It was given by Mr. Fred Oliver, formerly of Lumpkin.

Castleberry-Dowd room photo 2The chest is empire and the glove chest on top has beaded molding.

The clock has wooden works, is weight driven and has a reverse painting. It was made by Williams, Orton and Preston in Farmington, Connecticut. The columns still have decoration on them.

The blanket chest is paneled, pegged and has bracket feet. The original color is the red border about the green panel and blue bracket feet. The top was probably blue.

The quilt on the blanket chest is a gift of Mrs. R.E. Walker in memory of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Castleberry.

The empire commode is veneered with mahogany. The unusual paneled doors have a bow effect. It has bracket and scroll feet.


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