Stewart County Historical Commission

Lumpkin, Georgia 31815

Bedingfield Inn Museum-Lynch Dog Trot House- Hatchett’s Drugstore Museum-Stage Coach Trail

July 1, 2010

Your membership will help preserve our historical sites, promote Stewart County,

the surrounding areas, and allow us to share our history with generations to come.

The SCHC 2010 Membership

Annual Membership: July 1, 2010 through June 30, 2011

Please check the type of membership you select.

Individuals: $25 (____) Families: $48 (____) Business: $100 (____) Partner: $250 (____)

Historical Guardian: $500+ (____) Associate Curator: $1,000+ (____) Curator: $2000+ (____)

Name(s) on Membership:___________________________________________________________________________


Amount enclosed:__________________________________________________________________________________

Email:______________________________________ Phone_________________________________________________

(____) *I do not wish to become a Member at this time but would like to contribute to

The Stewart County Historical Commission: ($_______________) amount enclosed.

Mail To:

Stewart County Historical Commission

P.O. Box 818

Lumpkin, Georgia 31815

Stewart County Historical Commission is a 501C (3) Not for Profit Organization

Donations and Memberships are Tax- Deductible to the Extent Provided by Law.


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